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Arctic Light Series

C-print mounted on aluminium/ archival inkjet prints
Dimensions variable

Arctic Lights documents Raphaele’s 14 day expedition on a sail boat to the Arctic Circle, October 2009. During her voyage, Shirley transposed the idea of the light sculpture – first used in Shooting Stair, 2009 – to the icy, nighttime Arctic waterscape using a makeshift “light brush” manned by an operator on a zodiac boat. While stationed on the expedition’s vessel, Raphaele used time-lapse photography to capture the movements of the light as it sculpted across the surface of the water, forming three-dimensional structures such as disks, squares and circles of various sizes.

Seven photographs from the resulting documentation have been shown at Dorfman Projects in New York city, produced as an edition of 7 prints each at 50”x33” C-Prints mounted on aluminium.