Raphaele Shirley is a French-American multi-media artist. She lives and works in New York City. She studied fine arts at the Beaux Arts of Aix-en-Provence, France and then moved to NYC in 1993. Her practice ranges from light art, sound, public art, social interventions, collaborative works and performance.

Some of her collaborations include Perpetual Art Machine [PAM], an interactive video installation and online web community, founded in 2005, of over 2000 members. In 1998 she co-founded The New York International Fringe Festival, the largest theater festival in the US. She was video pioneer Nam June Paik’s assistant from 1997-2002, where she developed his monumental laser works, including the 75-foot waterfall Jacob’s Ladder for the S.R.Guggenheim museum in New York, Bilbao and Seoul and the 30 meter- wide, award winning, Laser Waterscreen‚ permanent on the lake of the Olympic Park of Seoul Korea. She built upon her experience with Nam June Paik and developed her own series of site-specific works, including a commission in Norway in 2009, Jewels of Kvinesdal, a 30’ wide stainless steel, a xenon sky-beam viewable from 15 kilometers around. Another public art-work, commissioned in 2010, Shooting Stair for Dorfman Projects, Long Island, NY, is a water and laser light sculpture set outdoors. Her piece‚ Light Shot on a Bender, combining LED lights and water was presented in the Bring to Light festival in 2011 in Greenpoint, NY. She recently completed a 60-foot diameter light spiral for the Flint Public Art Project in Flint, Michigan.

Her work has been shown in venues such as the Museum of Moving Image, S.R. Guggenheim, Chelsea Art Museum and Post Masters Gallery in New York, the NCCA Moscow, 2nd Moscow Biennial and the Hermitage St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Museum of Modern Art, Linz, Austria and Art Basel/ Miami 2006. She participated in 2009 and 2010 in the artist residency/sail boat expedition to the Arctic Circle, Norway with the Farm Foundation, “The Arctic Circle” Residency directed by Aaron O’Conner.