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Shooting Stair

Low Powered Lasers, Fibreglass encasement, water misting system
25’ W x 4’H x 4’D

Installation consisting of four red, two green and one blue low powered lasers mounted in a 3’x 1’x 3 1/3’ waterproofed fibreglass enclosure; highpressure water fogging system (pumps, hoses, nozzles with a water source); and one glass light-target. Shooting Stair is activated in low or evening light and projects six light beams through a cloud of mist, sculpting a master three-tiered ephemeral stairway in space. Depending on weather conditions and the viewers’ position related to the sculpture, the piece shifts in shape, intensity, and color. Working within a minimalist visual vocabulary, Shooting Stair draws on artistic and scientific traditions to examine perspective and perception of space. Shooting Stair‘s presence within a garden or outdoor space brings representations of mystery and paradise of medieval and renaissance paintings into a present day context and into a live space with contemporary technology.