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Stargaze in Sandnes

HD Video
Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Commissioned by the Norwegian Arts Council for the 3 person exhibition Sandnes 2160 curated by Per Platou.

In this work Raphaele explores architecture, scale and time-references in a cinematic context by combining original 8mm and 16mm films from the families of Sandnes, Norway, topographical maps sourced from surveys of the region and a virtual “superstructure” drawn from her own sculptures. Shirley superimposes these elements by means of digital collage, merging moments of the past, present and future and compressing, through editing and animation techniques, their original family histories into an eclectic universe. Here living characters navigate in part-real / part-fictitious settings, leading the viewer through a charged yet indeterminate narrative.

Collaborators for this project include NewMan’s Land (Norway, for animation), Julius Kowlowski and Joel Beck (New York, for sound and art direction).