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Acrylic Gesso on canvas
18’ W x 14’ H / 21 interchangeable panels

Modular consists of 20 canvases assembled into one composition of variable layouts.
Inspired by the process of Chinese zen calligraphy, game aesthetics and the idea of space, each panel was created with a single-stroke gesture, painted horizontally on the floor and then raised to join the group of other similar paintings. Hung vertically and adjacent to each other on a wall these form a larger tableau of assembled singular pieces. The final composition like an open-ended puzzle, is subject to variable arrangements. Using a lead pencil for lines (limits, border, breaks) and a large brush with black gesso for pictorial planes (areas), the transposition of the diverse visual languages or signs on the canvas generate a perceptual tension, an interplay of delineations of space, positive and negative.