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PROJECTED SPIRAL- concept for Flint Michigan 2014

CONCEPT for a Sustainable Land and light art piece for Chevey in the Hole, Flint, Michigan for the Flint Public Art Project curated by Stephen Zacks

Projected Spiral is concept for a permanent environmental light based public artwork, solar/hydro powered. The form is of two horizontal overlapped spirals integrated into the topography of the landscape, with entry points for the public at two opposing ends . The path of the spirals is created by a sequence of solar powered colored lights and landscaping, leading the viewer to the center of the piece where a field of water-mist awaits him/her. The lights that consist the path forming the spiral at night becomes a marker for the city.

Projected Spiral is conceived as an art/technology earth-work cued to aspects of the environment, addressing the important problem of toxicity of the earth due to industrial activities. A social sculpture, through its interactive nature and choice of location, it explores issues of sustainability in art, the environment, and within our society.