Elevation in Time

C-Prints, speakers, cherry plywood, amplifiers, edison light bulbs, media player, mylar.
8’ Hx 4’W x 4’D

Elevation in Time is a two channel sound and light sculpture.
Configured externally as a three sided polished wood box, the fourth side reveals an entrance to the art work. Mini speakers and lights hang from a mirrored inner ceiling in a whimsical yet shimmering array, a marble floor links three digital C-prints that cover the inner walls of the sculpture.

The photographs, intentionally playing on perception and perspectives, give the impression that space is folding inwards within the artwork, both 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional in their appearance, one has a double take in order to confirm what one is looking at, actual steps of a roman bath or amphitheatre or a two dimensional Escher type environment?

As the viewer enters the artwork to get a closer look, he/she finds himself entering into a seemingly private space, visually and auditively isolated from the outer exhibition space. The viewer is then immersed in an environment of yellow light and complex interweaving analogue and digital sounds, all which seem to have quasi transportational qualities.

As one’s references are de-stabilized and slowly reset to the inner logic of the artwork, a surprising white light is triggered on/off by the viewer’s movements, upsetting perceptual space and expectations further, propelling more questions. Is this a time machine, a mediation room, a loudspeaker for the afterlife or a new type of conceptual shower?
The artwork transports the viewer without he/she having to move creating a sanctuary for reflection and play.