MoonBowforElainePlease join me this Sunday at Stuyvesant Cove Park in New York from 6pm-9pm for a temporary outdoor installation created for Elaine Summer’s event “Skytime 2014 / Moon Rainbow”

“Moonbow for Elaine” 2014

Video projection, Water mist. by Raphaele Shirley

Taking inspiration from pre-renaissance paintings and focusing on the obscured background, the distant minimal landscape, Raphaele recreates a fragment of a mystical painting as a multi-media outdoor installation. In this work Raphaele generates a contemporary, yet timeless sculptural-painting, blending the elements of time, light space and nature. This work quietly echoes both the mysticism of pre-renaissance art as well as the natural phenomena of a “moonbow”, a rainbow created by the light of a moon on a misty night.
She brings these combined to the New York city water front, immersed in Stuyvesant Cove/ Solar one’s garden

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