12.6 Lyrae
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12.6 Lyrae/ Le Chiffre

Immersive environment variable size installation
Neon, aluminum ring smoke machine, custom looping timer.
Surround Sound composed by Algis Kizys


12.6 Lyrae is an immersive light and sound installation. Shirley worked with artist and composer Algis Kizys for the creation of a looped audio composition to accompany the installation.

The 12.6 Lyrae installation centers on Shirley’s sculpture titled 12.6 Black Star . This work consists of a 12’6” diameter white neon circle mounted below an 4” aluminium ring. The neon circle and paired metal ring hang on a 30 degree angle above the viewer’s head.

The white light of the neon circle, dims to darkness and brightens to full intensity in a slow gradual loop. The approximately 5 minute loop is run by an automated fader. Along with the slow pulse of the light, a set of hazers set at the mid-height of the ring send occasional bursts of “fog” towards the ceiling. The effect of the haze, erases the ceiling and seems to suspend the light ring in a void.

Following the slow appearance and erasure of the ring, Algis Kizys audio work, Halo Companion, chimes and breathes with the light. Using a 4.1 surround sound with speakers arranged in a circle oriented under the sculpture, Kizys’ 15 minute looped composition engulfs and rotates around the audience.